How to apply

How to apply

Applying online

Organisations are encouraged to register with the DCSI Screening Unit so that their employees and volunteers can submit their screening applications online.

Since it was introduced in 1 July 2015, the online lodgement of applications has resulted in significant improvements in customer satisfaction, reduced screening timelines, and minimised data entry errors related to the processing of screening assessments.

Organisations that have not yet registered are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.  The DCSI Screening Unit is aiming for most applications to be initiated and processed online by the end of March 2016.

Online form 

Organisation registration:

Registration involves recording your organisation's details into the online screening system, including the provision of  relevant contact information. This will enable the Screening Unit to set up permissions, payment functions and confidentiality requirements.  

For more information about how to register your organisation for online screening, go to our Online Screening page, or for instructions refer to registering your organisation for online screening.

Go to to commence your organisation's registration.

Once registered, there are two steps to applying online:

Step 1: Organisation commences applications

Once an organisation has successfully registered, they can initiate individual online screening applications for employees and volunteers.  Click here to commence an application (if your organisation has already registered).

Step 2: Applicants complete their application online

Once the organisation has commenced an online application, the individual applicant completes their application online.  The applicant will receive an email from the DCSI Screening Unit providing login instructions.  The applicant can then log in and complete the application.  For more instructions refer to Applying online

Applying using a hard copy form

If your organisation has not yet registered and you are using a hard copy form, make sure that you have downloaded the most recent version. Out-of-date forms may be returned to you.  The current forms were uploaded to this site on 1 July 2015.

Application forms are available from our application forms and payment page.

If you are unsure about which type of screening is required, check with your employer/volunteer organisation.

If you need more than one type of screening:  Applicants will need to complete a separate application form for each screening type required. An exception is where the work or volunteer role is in the disability sector and involves working with children, in which case only a child-related employment assessment is required, ie a disability services employment assessment is not additionally required.

Once you know which form(s) you need, download the form and fill in the information required.  Where possible, complete the form electronically prior to printing. If you intend to lodge a handwritten application, please write clearly in BLOCK LETTERS.

Please follow closely the instructions below when completing your application, and make sure you have read all of the available information on the Screening Unit's website thoroughly.

Please submit original versions of the form: the Screening Unit will not accept photocopied or scanned versions of forms. Please also note that if your organisation pre-populates a form and posts it on another site, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are using the most current version.

Note that, for an application to be processed, the applicant's identity must have been verified via a 100 point identity check and the applicant must have provided their consent to screening by signing the application form.  More information about verification is provided below.

Use of the information provided: The information provided on a screening application form(s) is used in the assessment process to determine whether a person is suitable for employment or other engagement for work, volunteer activities, or other entitlements. Unless statutory obligations require otherwise, the information provided on the form(s) will not be used without your prior consent for any purpose other than in relation to the assessment of your suitability to work with the group of people to whom the form(s) relate. You may be required to complete another consent form in the future in relation to employment in other positions.

Do you have a current clearance? If you have a current clearance with six or more months left to run, you do not yet need to be rescreened. Renewal applications should be lodged when the applicant has six months or less left to go on their current clearance. Please note that the Screening Unit is returning applications from people who already have a relevant clearance with six or more months left to run. 

A DCSI Screening clearance lasts for three years and can be taken from job to job (the General Employment Probity check excluded). It is recommended that organisations keep a copy of the current screening clearance letter or email, sign and date the copy and keep it on file.

Further instructions to help complete each section of the form are provided below.

Part A: Your Personal Details

  • Make sure you include your FULL current name, including all given (first and middle) names and last name.
  • Make sure you include FULL DETAILS for ALL previous names and aliases, including any previous married names and maiden name.
  • Ensure that your date of birth is correct, including the year.
  • Include the city or town and country of your birth.
  • Include all previous residential addresses at which you have lived in the last ten (10)years. If there is not enough space, please provide this information as an attachment.

 Note:  If an error in any of the above details is determined to be your mistake, you may 
        be required to resubmit your application and pay again. 

Part B: Declaration and Informed Consent

  • Be sure to answer all the declaration questions. If you have answered "yes" to any questions, please provide additional information if necessary in a sealed envelope marked "CONFIDENTIAL" and attach it to the application.
  • Ensure that you have signed and dated your form to provide consent and that your name is recorded on the consent form the same as it is recorded on page 1.  It you are submitting more than one form, each form must be completely filled out and signed.

Part C: 100 Point Identification Verification

For your application to be processed, your identity must have been verified using a 100 point identification check. The application forms stipulate what kinds of documents and how many are required to reach the required 100 points. 

Certain classes of person can verify your identification using the 100 point check.  These include:

  • A Justice of the Peace
  • A Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (eg a solicitor, barrister or proclaimed police officer). 

The form must be signed by the verifier and the section providing their details must be completed:

Note:  Other forms of identity verification are allowed in limited circumstances, ie in relation to applications in remote or isolated areas and persons who do not have standards documentation such as a passport or driver's licence.  For further information, please email the DCSI Screening Unit at

Part D: Employment Information

  • This section is to be completed by the Requesting Officer at your work or volunteer organisation and should provide a detailed description of the role you will be undertaking
  • If the organisation is paying for the screening, the Requesting Officer must sign and date the front page of the form.  Alternatively, if you are paying for the application and lodging it at Australia Post, please ensure the receipt is attached to the front of the form.

If your form does not indicate whether you are a paid employee or volunteer, your organisation will be charged at the 'paid employee' rate.

If you still have a query or need help

If you have a query or a problem in relation to filling out and submitting a screening application, please refer to our Fact Sheets and  Frequently Asked Questions. The Screening Unit receives a high volume of calls and emails every day; by referring to these you might find the answer your question.

Beware of common mistakes

The Screening Unit returns hundreds of forms each week because applicants make mistakes that prevent us from entering the application into our processing system immediately. These mistakes often cause delays of several weeks. You may incur additional charges if a mistake requires the Screening Unit to obtain an additional National Criminal History Record Check.

Below are some helpful hints to ensure these delays do not impact you:

  • Ensure the Role Description in Part D is thorough and detailed: we need to know what duties you will be undertaking, to perform a thorough risk assessment.
    * Note: This information is not required if you are applying for Disability Services Employment screening.
  • Signatures: make sure that all sections of the form that require a signature are completed, especially your own in Part B: Declaration and Informed Consent.
  • Requesting Officers must come from the requesting organisation where you plan to work or volunteer.
  • Consistent names: you must provide your full name, spelt correctly, in all sections of the form where indicated.
  • Provide ALL names: you must provide your full name, including all given names and middle names, and any maiden names, or aliases
  • Check your contact details: we may need to contact you during the assessment process, and may post your clearance letter to you.
  • Check your dates: all dates should be written in the DD/MM/YYYY (day/month/year) format.

The following common mistakes frequently result in forms being returned to the applicant for resubmission:

  • illegible handwriting;
  • not including your FULL name and/or FULL previous names;
  • insufficient current address detail;
  • insufficient information describing your role;
  • failure to complete satisfactorily the 100 point identification check; and
  • missing signatures: the form should be signed by the applicant, verifying officer and (if not paying through Australia Post), the requesting officer.


Escalation requests

The Screening Unit receives a large volume of applications per week and processes them in order of receipt.  Requests to fast track or escalate a screening application will not be accepted.