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Latest announcements from the Screening Unit

The online screening application process is now OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

See below for more information.

The online screening application process

The DCSI Screening Unit has introduced an online process for applying for employment and volunteer screening in South Australia, which will help to make it quicker and easier to apply for screening.  To use the online system to apply for screening, there are two steps involved.

The first step:  Organisation Registration (opened on 1 July 2015)

This step entails organisations (both government and non-government organisations) recording their details into the new system.  This enables the Screening Unit to set up permissions, payment functions and confidentiality requirements for the organisation.

Once an organisation has successfully registered, they can then initiate online screening applications for employees and volunteers.

For organisations that have not yet registered, please go to  to apply for registration.

Refer to registering your organisation for online screening
for more information about this process.

The second step:  Applicants apply using the Online Form

Instructions for applicants on how to complete an application online are provided in this document: DCSI Update 28 July 2015 (PDF 205.9 KB)

You will not be able to complete an application form online until your organisation has started the process for you.  Once your organisation has initiated an application on your behalf you will receive an email from the DCSI Screening Unit providing you with login instructions.  Then you can commence your application.

Easy online help tools are provided throughout the application process to assist you.

If you are unsure about the information required:

  • hover your cursor over the question mark (?) next to the field for help/information.
  • for additional information, please click on the relevant tab. 

FAQs - registering and applying using the online screening application system

Please refer to our fact sheets and FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions about organisation registration and applying using the new online screening application system.

Screening by the DCSI Screening Unit

Screening by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Screening Unit is an employer-driven process, conducted on behalf of the employer organisation to assess individuals who are currently working or under consideration to be engaged in an employment or volunteer role.  Screening cannot be undertaken without the informed consent of the individual concerned.

The type of screening required depends on the work or tasks the employee or volunteer is required to undertake in their role.  The DCSI Screening Unit conducts five types of screening check:

  • Child-related employment screening
  • Disability services employment screening
  • Vulnerable person-related employment screening
  • Aged care sector employment screening, and
  • General employment probity screening

For information about the different types of information assessed in each form of screening, please go to our the screening and assessment process page.  If you are not sure what type or types of screening are required, please go to our page What type of screening do I need?

What is screening?  Screening is a process by which information is sourced and assessed to determine whether an applicant could pose a risk to a particular group or groups of people, related to their work in a professional or volunteer environment.

Why is it required? A screening assessment is conducted as part of a preventative approach towards the care and protection of vulnerable people in our community.

How often it is required?  A DCSI Screening clearance lasts for three years and can be taken from job to job (the General Employment Probity check excluded).

Do you have a current clearance? If you have a current clearance with six or more months left to run, you do not yet need to be rescreened. Renewal applications should be lodged when the applicant has six months or less left to go on their current clearance. Please note that the Screening Unit is returning applications from people who already have a relevant clearance with six or more months left to run.

How much does it cost? For information about fees, please go to our application forms and payment page.