Keeping safe in emergencies

The Keeping Safe in Emergencies guide is a flip-chart that provides you with easy access to information on things you can do to be better prepared and safer in particular emergencies. The information has been provided by the lead organisations for these emergencies.

Keeping Safe in Emergencies does not replace any detailed plans you may have for particular emergencies (e.g. Bushfire Survival Plan, FloodSafe Plan). It is very important that you consider the emergencies that you may face and have safety plans completed *before* an emergency. Key bits of information can then be transferred from those plans into the Keeping Safe in Emergencies guide.

If you have a question about how to be better prepared for a particular emergency, you can use the following numbers:

  • Bushfire - CFS Bushfire Information Hotline: 1300 362 361
  • Speech and Hearing Impaired: TTY 133 677
  • Home Fire - SA Metropolitan Fire Service: 1300 737 637
  • Flood, Extreme Heat - SES State Headquarters: (08) 8463 4171
  • Influenza - Influenza Information Hotline: 1800 353 282
  • Red Cross REDi Plan and Telecross REDi  (for further information): 1800 246 850
  • Earthquakes for further information visit the SA SES website

The Guide

Useful information

Collect all your family contact numbers
Print the useful information form329.9kb.pdf

Extreme heat

The advice and guide will help you plan how to cope during extreme heat.
Print the Extreme Heat guide151.0kb.pdf

Bushfire survival

Use the Bushfire Survival guide to help you plan your actions during a bushfire.
Print the Bushfire Survival guide151.4kb.pdf

Home fire safety

The Home Fire Safety guide will help you to be prepared, in the event of a fire in your home.
Print the Home Fire Safety guide155.5kb.pdf


Use this guide to ensure you are 'influenza aware' and to protect yourself and your family.
Print the Influenza guide151.3kb.pdf


Use this guide to ensure you are prepared for a flood and the possibility of evacuation from your home.
Print the Flood guide151.7kb.pdf


Complete the Earthquake Action guide to help you remain safe during and after an earthquake.
Print the Earthquake Action guide137.0kb.pdf

Personal medical information and emergency alert

Use this to record your personal medical information and numbers for services
Print the Personal Medical Information and Emergency Alert guide204.5kb.pdf

Enquiries regarding Keeping Safe in Emergencies guide +61 8 8415 4184

How to Complete the Keeping Safe in Emergencies guide27.2kb.pdf

Print the full Keeping Safe in Emergencies guide756.8kb.pdf or read the guide in your translated language.

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