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Housing SA is committed to attracting and retaining the right people who are willing and capable of delivering a values-based service to the South Australian community. A broad array of careers are available within the organisation, from front line service delivery through to strategic policy and program development.

Positions are advertised internally and externally via Jobs SA and the DCSI Careers Page.

Other pathways for entry into Housing SA include:

Recruitment Pools

Recruitment pools exist for a number of roles commonly needed in Housing SA. To become pool member you must submit a written application, be offered an interview, and succeed in the merit-based selection process.

If successful, you will enter the pool for a period of twelve months and be able to specify your preferred working location and conditions.

Housing SA recruitment pools are periodically advertised on Jobs SA and on the DCSI careers site.

Aboriginal Employment Pool

The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) is committed to Aboriginal employment and retention through increasing work opportunities for Aboriginal people and building a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of Aboriginal culture.

More information on the Aboriginal Employment Pool (including how to apply) can be found on the DCSI Aboriginal Pool website.

Disability Employment

DCSI welcomes employees with disability recognising that they represent an important pool of talent that can enhance our service delivery capability.

Housing SA, as a division of DCSI, links with Disability Works Australia (DWA) and other disability employment service providers to facilitate working relationships between DCSI and prospective employees.

For more information, please visit DCSI Disability Employment.

Graduate Program

Housing SA Graduates come from a broad range of disciplines, but are unified in sharing Housing SA’s core values of social justice, tenacity, integrity, compassion and respect.

Housing SA draws graduates from the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Graduate Program.

Full details for the DCSI Graduate Program (including how to apply) can be found here.



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