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What is DCSI CareerMatch?

DCSI CareerMatch is an interactive system that helps you match existing skills, traits, attributes and interests against a range of occupations within DCSI. The system uses the information provided by you when answering a series of self assessment questions. It will then match your information to provide you with a list of the most suitable occupations in order of compatibility, with an explanation as to why they are compatible. Watch the brief video about CareerMatch.

DCSI CareerMatch will also help you plan your career by identifying skills gaps and setting goals and objectives within a particular time frame.

Each career stream in DCSI CareerMatch has been grouped into a classification range (A to E). Levels are used within DCSI to provide consistent definitions of DCSI capabilities across the department within the various classification ranges.

Please note that CareerMatch does not provide pathways for executive positions.

Information entered on to the system will be used for statistical purposes only.  Privacy and confidentiality of information will be maintained.

This is a career resource only.  Employees will still need to apply for any roles through the normal selection process. Refer to the resources section.

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