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Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Annual reports

Annual Report 2015-16

DCSI Annual Report

The Annual Report for the South Australian Department for Communities and Social Inclusion for the year ending 30 June 2016.

Alternatively, the report can be downloaded in sections:

01 - Introduction (PDF 143.9 KB)

Chief Executive, Tony Harrison, reflects on the achievements of the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) during 2015-16.

02 - About DCSI (PDF 87.2 KB)

DCSI brings together a range of services, funding and policy responsibilities which together support safety, equality, opportunity and justice across South Australia..

03 - Government Priorities (PDF 67.0 KB)

The department’s contribution towards whole-of-government objectives over the past 12 months including the seven strategic priorities and South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

04 - Our Performance (PDF 142.0 KB)

The department’s activities during 2015-16 in its key service areas including disability policy, funding and services; social housing and homelessness; affordable living programs; youth justice; domestic violence; problem gambling; grants to community organisations; screening services and disaster relief and recovery. The report also highlights outcomes in the department’s lead policy areas of women, multicultural affairs, youth and volunteers and activities to build thriving communities and promote resilience.

05 - DCSI Scorecard (PDF 45.8 KB)

A statistical overview of the department’s progress against the objectives in the Strategic Plan 2014-2018 and selected targets of South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

06 - Governance Arrangements (PDF 54.5 KB)

The department is guided by key corporate governance arrangements and many of the services we deliver are bound by legislative requirements.

07 - Corporate Reporting (PDF 73.3 KB)

The department’s action over the past 12 months against various initiatives including Reconciliation, supporting carers and reducing the environmental impact of government activities.

08 - Our People (PDF 83.3 KB)

DCSI is one of the largest South Australian Government departments with just under 5,000 employees. The department values its workforce and offers employees a wide variety of career prospects, promotional opportunities and professional development, and encourages a healthy work life balance.

09 - Financial Performance (PDF 46.3 KB)

Outcomes during 2015-16 in relation to expenditure on consultants, overseas travel and fraud.

10 - Financial Statements (PDF 5.5 MB)

A comprehensive report of the department’s financial performance, which complies with relevant Treasurer’s Instructions issued under section 41 of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1987, and any relevant Australian accounting standards.

11 - Locations and Contact Details (PDF 50.5 KB)

Location and contact details including Housing SA, Disability Services and Domiciliary Care.

12 - Acronyms (PDF 32.7 KB)

Common acronyms used in the annual report.

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